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Treat Yo Device Mini Pack

Treat Yo Device Mini Pack

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Yes! You read the name correctly. You guys have been begging us to do this since we started, and this is the first time that we're doing it. 

If all goes well, we will add both regular packs and digital packs when we do releases. If you would like a paperback for the book, at a later date you're able to purchase one. 

No. You cannot purchase the paperback if you didn't purchase the mini pack. 


How does this work?

It's simple. Your pack will come a card that has a special code for you to redeem your book. Once the book is put up, you'll be notified so that you're able to redeem your book. No. The book won't be opened to the public. Only those who has purchased the mini pack will be able to purchase the digital book. 


Is the book going to be put up on the site right away?

No. The reason is because it's to avoid confusion, and to keep from keeping our site locked for long periods of time, as we have other drops scheduled. The site will lock on December 18th 2021 at 8:30 AM. It will remain locked until that Monday. It will give EVERYONE enough time to know the date and set time aside so they can download their book. It will also give us time to assist everyone over that weekend with any difficulties you may have. You need to have secured your digital book by MONDAY. So, what that means is to make sure you do it before work, school, parties, birthdays etc. The entire weekend of the 12/18 will be to assist anyone so they can start their book. Anyone who has to download their book after Monday will have to follow the direction on the video that we have on the site. This is new, so yes there will be hiccups, but we will get them solved all on the weekend of the 12/18. 


Can I just purchase the paperback?

Not at this time. The purpose of this is so that we can decide if we can add these. Remember, this was at you guy's request. A lot of you wanted this option. As a business, we need to try things before permanently adding it to what we offer. 


There is no returns or refunds on this order. If you're unsure, please refrain from ordering this mini pack. We won't refund your purchase, or return so please read everything that is in the above text. 

Due to covid-19 , please expect 7-10 business days for shipping and processing.  There's a specific shipping for the pack. Yes, a discounted rate. If you picked the $9.99 rate, we can't refund your shipping. It's labeled 'Digital Pack Shipping'