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Messiah's Collector Box.

Messiah's Collector Box.

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If you've been following Jahquel from the start, then Messiah is like a dangerous distant cousin to you. You never know what she has up her sleeve.

This bundle is a collector's bundle.

It comes with four books. The Crack Money With Cocaine Dreams series - this is the series on how Messiah got her start in the streets. There are two books for this series. In reality, this is four books put into two, so you're really getting six books. 

Then there's 'The Messiah' and 'The Messani' - These are two standalone novels, but you need to read 'The Messani' before 'The Messiah' and you should read The crack money with cocaine dream series before those two standalone.

So, to recap on what comes in the box is 

Four books ( In reality six books.)

Collector's Edition Shirt 

Collector's Edition Drink-ware. 




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