Staten Island Packs Will Ship In September!


How much will the boxes cost?
The boxes will cost $47+  plus shipping.
Will the books released with the box be standalones?
Yes, for the most part. When I open it to other authors, it depends on what they choose to submit to us. Books from me will all be standalones.
How can authors submit their paperbacks?
Right now, we're focusing on building the brand up first. However, around summer we should be ready to take books from other authors, and yes! We pay for the books!
Will the box be open for anyone to purchase ?
Yes! The link will only go up once and then once it's sold out, the box will be sold out until another one is released.
Do we have to purchase the box to get the book?
Yes! The book will only be available to those who bought the box. It will not go up on Amazon on any other book selling site.
How many boxes will be available?
We're averaging around 300-500 boxes each month
Will you have pay later site available on your site?
Yes! We have Klarna available on the site!
Will you be able to purchase the book separate?
No. It defeats the purpose of the box. All books will only be available when your purchase the box. It's an exclusive release.
What is the mini pack?
The mini pack isn't a box. It comes in our logo'd packet. The mini pack consist of just the t-shirt and book. It will also contain other small goodies as well.
How often will the big box release?
The big box will release every other month. The mini packs will be released every month.
When will you add subscription to your site?
We're working out the kinks for it right now. We'll be ready to launch this by fall - hopefully. 
What are the age groups that the kid box is geared to? 
The first box will be geared to children 8-12. Depending on the demand, we'll add more age groups to the box. 
How much will the kid box be?
The kid's box will be $39 + shipping