Anniversary Boxes Start Will Begin Shipping On March 15th!

About Us




One day I found myself scrolling Pinterest while looking for some hairstyle inspiration. With every scroll, I kept getting hit with different hair subscription ads. Each time I clicked out of one, another one popped back up. It was then that Treat Yo Shelf Box was created. What if I could bring something like this to the literary industry? A subscription box by Us for Us. A book filled with African American romance, along with an exclusive box filled with goodies delivered to your door every every other month. It sounded like heaven, and it sounded like something that I needed to do. 

My goal when starting TYS box was to bring back our love for paperback. Bring back bookshelves, holding a paperback in your hands and smelling the pages. It's about making your book shelves pretty with exclusive novels. In March, we introduced Treat Yo Shelf Mini Pack, where you get a shirt and a book, and it's cheaper. We want everyone to be able to afford our products, and to experience the products that we offer. As an author, I've never outgrown the love for paperbacks. In fact, I fall in love daily just smelling the pages of my own novels. Are you ready to have a box for your inner bookworm? Get ready to experience what the pink boxes are about. #ShelfCare